DeLin is a new clothing and accessories brand from Austria for men and women.

The collection is inspired by the general properties of the material LINEN, the typical clothing items developed from it and the street style from the skate and snowboard area.

The collection consists of basic pieces to create a timeless wardrobe. Continuous parts will reappear in different colors and a few select key pieces will be added.

DeLin is simple but luxurious at the same time and combines street style with chic.

DeLin was founded in Lower Austria in 2021 from the tailoring Deiger Studios. Translated from French, DeLin means "of linen" and thus describes all our clothing and accessories.

Ever since we were founded, we have known that we have to do everything a little differently if we want to live up to our own standards.

All our linen pieces come from Austrian productions. From the material to tailoring and embroidery, everything is made in Austria. Small accessories such as buttons and labels come from surrounding countries. We try to process the most extensive new materials and accessories with a GOTS certificate. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by the best possible tailors. All pieces are made in small batches. Our ever-evolving collection is constantly being replenished with existing pieces or special pieces, in new fabrics or color options. Many parts are unique because we also work with antique linen.

Sustainability, fairness and transparency are important to us.

DeLin offers natural linen dresses, shirts and bags in modern silhouettes.

About the designer:

Julia Deiger attended the Fashion Institute Esmod in Berlin, after which she worked as a designer for various brands such as Stone Island in Milan until she founded her design studio Deiger Studios in 2017, where she offers bespoke tailoring and design.